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July-August 1977 - Information Circulars

A trawl through old HMSO Information Circulars is less a case of ‘Where are they now?’ than ‘Where were they then?’ Not the most stimulating of topics, perhaps, but a jog to the memory of those of us who were with HMSO through the ‘70s.

Following a copy of the birthday greetings message to HM Queen, Information Circular 40/77 dated 6 July 1977 announced the transfer of A Mackenzie (SEO Rep. Services) to Manchester, vice M Lynn. W Barker, TO, Print Procurement, was promoted to HTO, CEPA. Miss J Knott, Typist, was promoted to Teleprinter Operator, and a board was announced to select a Personal Secretary (£2030 pa rising to £2660) and an Office Keeper II (£2471-£2795). Staff promotions included JLE Bishop (to TO), Mrs BL Gallivan (to Senior Messenger), CE Harrold (to Principal), BCE Lee (to Senior Principal), AA Smith and Miss VJ Wilson (to SEO), Mrs IG Williamson (to HEO) and KB Odle (to OMTS Foreman). KJ Coleman moved from FP to Admin (EO) and AM Foote from PS to Rep (Principal); GB Furn from Rep to OS (Senior Principal) and Miss CIA Lovatt from Accounts to PS (CO). BT Cook retired from Tech, A Davison (that’s ‘Dave’ Davison) from Supplies OMTS. Miss PM Dyke and KS Kemp both retired from PS, and FE Davey from Publications. H Pye retired from Manchester. Wonder if his cupboard full of envelope demands has been cleared yet?

Later in the month another two boards declared results: ST Edwards, GA James, TE Morgan, AG Ramsay, PR Vivian and T Whiston were elevated to HTO. Mrs RE Thurwood, Mrs R Vivian and 13 others became EOs. Miss HV Kowalewski transferred to Publishing, IM Moore to Accounts and JR Wilson from PS Gavrelle House to PS Atlantic House. KE Hutchings (SEO Tech) and JH Hynes (Principal) retired, as did W Mort (CO, Supplies). M Hawtrey-Eastwood also left the Department. JA Owen (SEO, CRS) transferred to PS Atlantic House ‘to fill an additional post’ and PH Barnard (Accountant) was appointed, as was Miss A May as an Unestablished CA. GH Lesurf was promoted to EO and KP Irish transferred to SSPP. TC Riley was transferred from Admin London to Rep London. August saw the promotion of E Downs to SEO (Tech), remaining in Gateshead vice RS Roberts. More Boards announced, and more promotions — Ms CI Kerry to CO, WA Lewington to SOGB, WD Bisset to Director of Technical Services, KA Allen moved to Director of Printing Works and EB McKendrick promoted to Senior Principal in Works.

It wasn’t all Boards and moves, although it might have seemed so. Pages on ‘Economy in Paper and Office Supplies’ (wonder how much that cost?), endless trawls that nobody who wanted to move qualified for, and useful information such as ‘The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises that Mexico should now be referred to as The United Mexican States and that the preferred name for Tananarive is now Antananarivo. If Post-its had been invented in 1977, I’d have made a note of that . . . .They were also looking for File CNC 7259, Xidex (UK) Ltd. I used to deal with them. Wonder if I used the cover to make a note of Antonysonthevino or whatever it was called.

Strange how the names bring back instant memories. Mrs JE Meachen was appointed Unestablished Messenger. Many was the interview I had with her over the following six months. And JRD Rogers was appointed CO in PS. Who would have thought that he would turn out to still be there in 2005. And such a decent lad too . . . .

JF Lynch, JP Reynolds and M Seppings were promoted to EO. DP Merritt and PR Wilde were transferred to Tech and Supplies respectively. Advance notice that EJ Deller was to retire as Head of Printing Services on 31 October 1977 and AA Smith promoted to Assistant Secretary on 1 November. SR Hays consequently moved to Print Procurement as Principal and AH Fisher, SSPP, promoted to SEO (CEPA). MW Trigg was promoted to CO (PM) and AF Crabtree (EO) moved to Works. JP Holtom moved, as HEO, from Rep London to PS Norwich. Ms EM Aggiss left Publications as EO. Was this the first occasion on which the abbreviation Ms was used in the i/c?

Following a board to select HTOs, TA Butler and NM Walker were declared successful. And Terry Butler is still there, as is J Rogers, who was named as the officer in PS12a to contact regarding trawl notices. AA Blakeman was promoted to EO in PMA. JH Eason was listed as ADPS2. EJ Cletheroe was transferred, as SEO (Tech) vice JN Palmer, promoted to Principal. RS Roberts was transferred from SEO (Tech) Gateshead to Technical Services vice Mr Cletheroe. Miss DE Sellar was declared successful on the Senior Personal Secretary board and a board to select Personal Secretaries was announced, chaired by CN Southgate (ADPS1) with Miss VY Bailey (S16) and BE Minett (Trg 4) as members. Mrs EE Saunders, Mrs AI Short and Miss JC Storey were invited. A plea was made to the effect that ‘staff are again reminded that it is essential to notify the appropriate divisional registry daily of the movement of every file not routed through the registry. Pads of R30 slips are obtainable from registries and Clerks of Stationery.’ The main duties of an EO/TO in those days were to make sure everyone turned up by 0835 hours, to complete the monthly report, and to make sure that R30s were processed. And possibly to sign orders they didn’t understand. Or was that just me?

The final i/c in August 1977 announced the move of TJ Johnson (Deputy Safety Advisor) from Atlantic House to Norwich (26-28 Tombland); the promotions of EH Downs, JL Hocking, GTR Jones; the transfers of PE Creasey, AH Luke and the departure of CO Cooper (one of the few Accountants, who left WMA for Dept. of Industry) and BW (Bert) Hammond, who was one of the first Warehouse Group IIIs I met in Cornwall House in 1963. He was very helpful, and I hope he enjoyed his retirement.
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