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25 October 2009 - Marriage  Lines
                                                 (Broken Hill)

G'day. This is mining country and the world's richest silver-lead-zinc deposit yet found is at Broken Hill. If that fact had escaped you then the street names might provide a clue - Crystal, Argent, Cobalt and Beryl Streets leading to Bromide, Sulphide, Blende, Chloride, Oxide and Wolfram (yes, I didn't recognise that one either, another name for tungsten).

We stayed in The Imperial Hotel, which sounds very grand and was after the Iga Warta's tents. It must have been built around the beginning of the last century, with a painting of Edward VII and his family over the main staircase. It had a Billiard Room with full-size table and we had a suite of interconnecting rooms with our own sitting room. But most grandly - like many older Australian buildings - it had a veranda which offered protection from the rain, and more importantly the sun, and a delightful setting for breakfast. The Imperial also offered a wi-fi service for the internet so we could be in touch with the outside world again.

I don't remember now who first suggested we buy some shares but after I told the others about my conversation with the chap behind the Grove Hill Hotel up in the Northern Territory, Adrian looked up the company's share price. They'd risen to 43 cents and each day we'd check the price, and each day they'd risen a little more. By the time we reached Broken Hill they'd reached 49 cents so Adrian Skyped his somewhat bemused broker and in no time at all we were the owners of 2000 shares in a mining company, dreaming of untold wealth . . .

Phil the Pom


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