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25 October 2009 - Marriage  Lines
                                          (The Yunta Road)

G'day. More dirt roads led out of Iga Warta through the Gammon Ranges National Park slowly leaving the mountains behind and once more we were in the flat prairie-like country. Clouds of red dust billowed behind the car as we travelled south, around Lake Frome, on the road to Yunta. After a couple of hours we stopped to stretch our legs and Adrian noticed tracks in the sand leading to a low concrete water culvert beneath the road. Thinking it might be a lizard, George was despatched to the other end of the culvert to see if the tracks came out. They didn't, thus leading to the supposition that the critter was still in there. George crouched low down with his camera and fired off a couple of shots using flash, but didn't spot anything in the gloom. Only later, after he'd downloaded his pictures, did he discern a series of Swallow's nests glued to the culvert ceiling just inside the entrance and the shape of a snake curled up in the dirt beneath.

Gold was found in this area in the 1890s, and remote though it was, there was a settlement of 600 people at Waukaringa. We stopped at The Waukaringa Hotel, now just a ruin with an Eagle's nest in the tallest chimney stack. Nearby was the remains of the cab of an old truck, riddled with bullet holes. Wind whistled through holes in the metal post of a signpost, Arkaroola 266k north - Yunta 35k south, (nothin' in between). The whistling post offered another opportunity to record the unique sounds of the desert before we made our way to Broken Hill.

Phil the Pom


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