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23 October 2009 - Marriage Lines

G'Day. Is that rain?  Australia is the land of sunshine, but we indeed awoke to the sound of heavy showers, just like Spring in the UK, and the temperature dropped to around 12C. Australia has been experiencing a drought for some years and an excited Adrian checked to see if it was raining in Canberra to save his parched garden. It rained on and off most of the day, however it didn't prevent us doing a little shopping whilst in the big city - George for a new hat (very smart), and Barbara for a warming jumper as the temperature plummeted.

Barbara had also taken the opportunity to trace members of her family living in Australia, Vi an elderly lady and her daughter Marilyn. Audrey had checked the Adelaide telephone book and found the address so Barbara rang and found a remarkably lively and alert 91 year-year old excitedly keen to meet. So, after lunch, we met Marilyn at 'Windy Point', a rendezvous with a panoramic view over the whole of the city to the water estuary in the distance. It would have been a great view if it hadn't been for the drizzle and overcast sky. Marilyn then drove us on a scenic drive to her Mum's house and we met Vi, a small lady, bright as a button with a ready smile, which belied her age. For the next four hours she and Marilyn hardly stopped talking, going through Vi's diaries, photographs and ephemera since arriving in Australia in May 1952. Vi insisted we stay for dinner so we departed about 8pm with Marilyn returning us to our hotel where we hurriedly packed ready for an early departure tomorrow to The Clare Valley and its wineries.

Phil the Pom


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