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22 October 2009 - Marriage Lines
                                                (Old Friends)

G'day. Our Australian friends, Adrian and Audrey, trained as teachers before travelling to the UK in the late 1960s. Adrian then completed a Graphic Design course at Hornsey and joined HMSO Graphic Design under John Westwood in 1970. We worked together in the same team and soon found we had mutual interests - music, guitars, badminton, photography amongst others and became good friends. George also joined HMSO around this time and lived near Adrian and Audrey in Buckinghamshire so we spent a good deal of time together outside the office.

In 1973 Adrian and Audrey returned to Australia where Adrian worked for a short time with John Pitson in the studio at the Australian Government Printing Service (HMSO's equivalent) in Canberra before moving to the Australian National University. Over the years we kept in touch with letters and audio tapes and started to share holidays around Europe and then further afield. George and Daz managed to make it to Australia back in the 1980s, but this time Daz decided that long-haul wasn't for her as she needed to stay close to her elderly Mum. For Barbara and I, this was our opportunity to take up an invitation first offered 35 years ago.

We waited a few minutes outside Adelaide airport before spotting Audrey with George (who'd arrived a week earlier), waving in the distance then Adrian drove up in a massive Nissan Pioneer 4WD, already smeared in red dust from the two-day drive over from Canberra. We booked into the Majestic Hotel and relaxed over drinks on the roof terrace, catching up with all the news. It was good to be amongst old friends again.

Phil the Pom


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