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27 October 2009 - Marriage  Lines
                                                    (Port Fairy)


G'day. Port Fairy is a pretty little coastal town where the Moyne River meets the Southern Ocean. Our house overlooked the river with a lovely views around. It was nippy though, as Adrian pointed out, there was nothing between here and the Antarctic and if the wind blew from the south it was going to be cold.

The highlight of the stay was the arrival of the "Mutton Birds". These are Tasmanian Shearwaters, Australia's most abundant sea bird, and the Tourist Information Office assured us that is was a sight worth seeing. So we duly positioned ourselves near the dunes which they use for nesting and waited 'till the sun went down. It was freezing with the Antarctic wind whistling straight off the sea. It started to rain, almost sleeting, and we were on the point of returning to the warmth of our house when George spotted a single bird heading towards the dunes. In moments the sky was black with birds flying in, around and over our heads - literally thousands and thousands of them. It was a sight worth seeing.

Phil the Pom


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