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These may well jog some memories so just click on any of the following articles and let us have your comments or, better still, write in with your own favourite story.

January 2011       John Edward Pitson MBE

Sept-Nov 2009    Marriage Lines (a journey around Australia)
                               plus consolidated version

February 2009    Garbage from Florida
                              by Jack Keating

February 2009    Preamble and Lays Of The Last Minstrel  

November 2008   92 Years with HMSO Presses
                               by Walter ‘Robbie’ Robinson and his son Terry

September 2008  Still Rambling by Barry Palmer

August 2008          Cretan Update – Stetson Hats All Round
                                 by Ken Wanstall

October 2007         A4 and Letter paper sizes steeped in history

August 2007          Book conservation by very remote control
by John Westwood

June 2007               Hobbit and The Ball of Kirriemuir

February 2007        Goa 2007: A Tale of Two Realities

August 2006           Shepherdess Walk Dramatic Society


May 2006                 What the Papers Didn't Say


December 2005     The Second Tuesday In December Society
                                  by Reg Walker


December 2005      What a Life by John Westwood


May 2005                 Changing face of HMSO London’s office buildings
                                  by Reg Walker


May 2005                 The Village Farmers' Market  by Nala Shyne


April 2005                Notes from the Village by Nala Shyne


March 2004             Cornwall House and The Man Who Never Was

May 1997                 Lands End to John O'Groats by Terry Walls 

1997                         An exchange of views. . .


28 October 1994    Retirement Day by Fred Stubbs

12 July 1994            A Garden Party by Fred Stubbs


1991                         CW Blundell on JB Gotts


2 August 1990        A day in Downing Street


1986                         Retirements 1976-1986


30 April 1986           Royal Progress


1951-1986              SO Review  – A brief History


mid-1980s               An Embarrassing Moment in The Service of The Crown 
                                 by Pat Kennedy


1985                         Belfast in the Grand Oul' Times by Peter McAuley


1984-5                     Progress  1984-5


February 1984        Progress  Issue 1


June 1980              SO Review  June 1980 by Reg Walker


January 1980         House hunting HMSO style by Pat Kennedy


1971-1977              Harrow Press News  1971-1977 by Reg Walker


July-August 1977   July-August 1977 Information Circulars


June 1977               Two Thousand Years of British Life by Muriel V Searle


May-June 1977       May-June 1977 Information Circulars


Jan-Feb 1977          January-February 1977 Information Circulars


1 May 1975              The Jolly Tilers: A Secret Society?


10 Sept 1973          Sovereign Club Visitors' Book


1971                         Altantic House by John Wellington Wells


1970-71                   Retirements: 1970-1971by Reg Walker


February 1970        Overheard in GD, February 1970 by Nodge Carnegie 

c1970                       Sovereign House Computers
by Howard Wheeldon


1970                         Mixing with the mighty by Harry Teedon


1960s                       Memories of P5 in the sixties by  “Lilac Lil”


April 1969                SO Review  April 1969


1968                         History of the OMRS

1967                         Joining HMSO (Layout) by Ken Arnoldi

1966-8                     Paddy's Pay Parades by Vic Kefford

1963–1968              Introspection, Trainspotting and Wine-sousing


1965                         SO Review — 40 Years On by Reg Walker


1965                         Les Crawford: Early days with HMSO OMTS


August 1963           SO Review  No.202


1962                         Ernie How — A Memory from Harry Teedon


1961                         Pocock Street Memories

c.1957/8                   Old Times by Mike Breslin

c.1955                      Happy Days in Bainbridge Street by Harry Teedon


1953                         Up and down the City Road, in and out the Eagle

                                  by David Roberts


1951                         Northern Area Branch Amateur Dramatic Society
                                  by Reg Walker


1950                         Memories of Pay Clerk Duties


1948                         David Roberts recalls 57 years ago

1946                         Post-war layout and design by Arthur Phillips

1940                         HMSO in 1940



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