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1978: CRS Farewell Party (1)

Keith Batchelor writes:  Reg, I have found more photos of CRS — this one with 14 persons looking as if we’re celebrating. I think at this stage I can identify 7 of the 14 but you with your wonderful memory will probably name them all. Certainly Stan, Tim Riley (he with the boat cloak) Tim Cutbill, John Nash and Arnold Martin are all there. I believe the messenger’s name was Jack but cannot be sure. I believe one of the two ladies was way over retirement age but cannot remember her name.

Tim Riley adds:  This picture was taken in the Barbican flat customarily populated by S Holden and T Riley in 1978: the CRS farewell party. I remember the large bouquet Arnold brought to thank Sue for hosting the CRS rabble.
From left to right: The Blessed Stan, Keith Battye, T Riley, John Stewart Nash, Alec Gravatt, Jack the messenger (as KB says, but what was his surname?) the second most important person in Bunhill Row after Arnold, Frank Wright (only CRS member who disapproved of and avoided the Craven Club), Mabel Denton (the septuagenarian lady KB mentions), Bearded Scottish person behind Mabel — Bill surname forgotten, but I remember he wrote plays for Radio 4 in his spare time. Alec called him McTavish, but that wasn't his real patronym. Give me a few days and the name may flood back, Keith B, Arnold (a wonderful boss — not a textbook manager but an inspiring leader), Kay Jordan — the automatic typewriter expert in the early days, Brian Gardner, and Tim Cutbill.

John Nash adds:  Re the CRS Farewell Photo I can now provide details of the group line-up: Back: Keith Battye, John Nash, Frank Wright, Bill Chisholm, Arnold Martyn, Tim Cutbill. Middle: Stan Smith, Alec Gravatt, Mabel Denton, Kay Jordan. Front: Tim Riley, Jack Ruskin, Keith Batchelor, Brian Gardener. The mystery is where was George (noble duke of) York in this picture? Perhaps he took this one, for a second shot does exist with him in it! Hope this info is of some interest and that you and the rest of the "gang" are OK. Regards, John Nash on the Isle of Wight

(Photo from Keith Batchelor)

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