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1 June 2006: Norwich HMSOldies at The Eagle: 3

More photogenic ladies, and a few token males: Sue Prutton, Judy Tassell, Carol Wardle, Dave Martin, Linda Lenton, Marion Rudling, Brian Whitefield, Jean Whitefield, Harry Teedon, Dorothy Teedon, Ruth Vivian, Jean Whitefield with Jack Palmer, individual pictures of Ruth and Harry, Pearl Mortlock and Jean Samways (both veterans of the original Punch Room in Wensum House, 1967) with Annette Conn, Mal Loveridge learning how to become a punch boy from Pearl and Jean. 

Now, don't start. I know that some names are missing. The same number of names as the number of braincells I lost on the day. Is that really the entire management Board between Harry Teedon's legs, under the lunch table? I won't go on. Corrections and Clarifications to The Guardian  please: I don't want them.

(Photos from Philip Marriage & Terry Burchell)

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