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1 June 2006: Norwich HMSOldies at The Eagle: 5

The day was moving on, as can be seen from the rosy glow of some of the participants. Philip Marriage, Bob Barnard, Brian Wilson, Geoff Lockwood, Ann Clancy, Viv Jones, Mike Woodhouse, Harry and Dorothy Teedon (nice photo), Mike Betts, Jackie Gibbons, Peter Macdonald, Gerry Lucioli, Mike Woodhouse back for another free Passport shot from Terry, Annette and Ruth, and Rita Tuttle. Some of these people have Dorian Gray portraits in the attic; others are Dorian Gray. Would anyone else who took photos on the day please let us have scans? And I know Keith Mayhew did not make it, despite his best intentions. He had the most impressive excuse for absence of all: 'I was delayed in Japan..............'

(Photos from Philip Marriage & Terry Burchell)

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