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1 June 2006: Norwich HMSOldies at The Eagle: 7

Some lovely action pictures from Marguerite 'New Camera' Finn at The Eagle on 1 June 2006 include Valerie Barnard with John Eason, and among other smiling faces were representatives from the Six Counties and the Twenty six (those who know what this means know what this means) Finn and Quinn. What a lovely name for an Irish Pub then there's Mike Betts trying to sell Elizabeth McCrum an option into the Woodforde's Newry Distillery and Wheaten Bread Manufactury and John Tassell showing how he pointed out the error of the Father of the Chapel's ways to Jackie and, praise be, an actual photographic representation of The Welsh Rare Bit, Granville Reed. By the way, could you all please send him a birthday card for his 65th (really) on 27 September 2006? Care of HMSOldies will do, and a tenner over the bar of The Glass House wouldn't come amiss he was just about to stop Annette from telling Brian Whitefield where he went wrong in his twenty four page critique of BS1562 (Gum on A4 envelopes, European Standard 16463(Biii) Revised 1976. Then there are the Three Lovely As Anja, Anita and Annette then (and I'm glad he was captured on a rare visit back to the UK) the man ahead of the IT game, dismissed from HMSO and now one of the Minor Millionaires of Manhattan don't all rush at once, he is still unspoiled. O yes, Paul Barnett, with the jolliest lady ever to come out of Howth, Marguerite Finn. And some old tosspot in a hat. 'I wish I wa-a-as in Carricky...fergus...'

(Photos from Marguerite Finn)

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