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7 Dec 2006  HMSOldies atThe Eagle  again

All smiles from Gordon Robbie, Roger Nash, Mike Taylor and Pat Tate. That’s not Gordon’s hand reaching for another Scotch: he was on red wine. Reg Walker and Mike Burroughs belatedly celebrating their 60th birthdays in the company of Jayne Wilkinson and Ian Dobson, kneeling so as to fully expose Walker’s latest present from Oxfam. Tom Bokenham is always smiling, and who can blame him while in the company of Jo Williams, back from her world travels. Andy Taylor used to work with Sue Whitaker, but is still talking to her. Mike and Rhiannon Harvey, Kathy Marley and Judy Sherwood are also blooming. Blooming Alan Cole was sandwiched between Valerie and Bob Barnard, with George James looking on. Then Rhiannon again, with Astron-auts Alan Justice and Trevor Harris. Number three for Rhiannon (she sure knows how to work a room) with Tom Bokenham and the ever-cheerful Granville Reed. Granville asked me to put in a good word for him, but the Editorial Committee wouldn’t let me use it. Gordon, Mike and Pat were joined by Ernie Downs, who came along with Derrick Moore, who escaped from the photo to go outside for a festive verse of ‘I Wish I Was In Carrickfergus.’

(Photos from Philip Marriage)

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