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2 Feb 2007: Ex HMSO Electronic Publishers

Reg writes:  When I received the photographs of the Ex HMSO Electronic Publishing Section's post-Christmas dinner at the Trattoria Rustica on Princes Street, Norwich, I was in the middle of hunting down an appropriate anagram for something else. Why should I be the only one to indulge in this fruitless pursuit? So here goes:

Round the table sat the cream of Electronic Publishing getting stuck into the best that Chianti can offer. Ram Deviant, Jean Slinky-Wino, Ally Marshland, Jello Vanish, Pilgrim Apehair, Bore Brooding and Pane Always were how they signed themselves in, for purposes of Official Secrecy. If you think some of the names seem more appropriate than those with which they were born, I cannot possibly comment.

(Photos from Pilgrim Apehair)

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