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May 2007: Jack Keating’s Letter from America

See Jack Keating’s Letter from America (May 2007)

Top Left:  I have bought myself a hybrid car which runs on both a petrol engine and an electric engine. It’s a Toyota Prius and so far I am very pleased with it.

Top right:  I noticed something moving in the water. It turned out to be an alligator, albeit a small one. I went down to the water and it swam very slowly towards me and stopped with just its head sticking out of the water.

Bottom left:  My friend Jerry said that one of his friends had been walking home one day and saw an alligator at the front door of his neighbour’s house.

Bottom right:  We here in Florida have a few fires burning which have given some concern to residents who live near by. There is one in Georgia which is so big that the smoke has been spreading down across Florida.

(Photos from JK)

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