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7 June 2007: HMSOldies at The Eagle,  Norwich (2 of 2)


A select group of those HMSOldies able to hold a date in their heads (if one more person says 'Did I miss it? Why didn't you remind me?' I will resurrect Temporary Covers. Or Sectioning.). Great to see that Pat Kennedy could make it from sophisticated St Albans.

This set of pictures shows John, Pat, Alan, Jean, Ernie, Reg, Pat, Joe and Jean. Then, all together now, Gordon, Pat, Alan, Anne, John, Jean, Jim, John, a little bit of Pat, Pam, Judy, Mal, Mike, Jean, Dave, Reg. Brian was obviously in the bar, buying the drinks out of the ITW (Laboratory) slush fund. All receipts to be passed through Norman Robbie.

(Photos from Ernie Downs and Pat Kennedy)

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