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30 May 2007: Captain Pugwash's 2nd Eleven on the Broads


Brian Cockram writes:  Hi Reg, What can I safely say? We spent most of the day in The Nelsons Head   near Horsey Broad. Mainly because Mrs Iris Durkin fell into a water-filled ditch and needed time to dry out. It obviously runs in the family since it was on a previous day out on the river, Rod (her lesser half) went paddling without removing his boots. I remember sacrificing my Times newspaper to stuff his boots in the pub.
Just for the record left to right Ann, Rod Durkin, Iris, Geoff Mickleburgh, Maurice Curtis, Wendy and self. Barbara behind camera.
I am surprised you know of this photograph since I was threatened with terrible retribution, by an unnamed lady, if it was published . I hope you will be organising the HMSOldies equivalent of a witness protection programme. Yours in desperation, Brian
(Photo from BC)

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