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11 December 2007: Ship Ahoy 2007


Those who could not escape the determined paparazzo (or should that be Patarazzo?) activities of Mr Kennedy at the annual Ship meeting in Borough Road on 11 December 2007 were Anne Eason, Rod Durkin, John Eason, Arthur Brunwin (Father of the House, so good he was pictured twice), Brian Ekers, Pat Kennedy, Alan Clift-Jones, Sue Whitaker, Roger Pudner, Bob Rice, Bob Nuttall, Don Bankier, Ray Smith, Bill, Brian and David Ekers (or ‘The Bee Gees’ as they are known when busking in the Elephant subway) and Dave Stoten between his old colleagues Geoff Gadd and Ron Martin, with Mrs Gadd and Mrs Martin.

(Photos from Pat Kennedy)

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