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2008: Terry Sweetman

Terry Sweetman writes:  I am finding this experience a bit surreal, one minute there I am minding my own business, then the next, after a rash moment of Googling “HMSO”, I am corresponding with people I haven’t seen for over 40 years! The excitement of seeing all those familiar names on the web-site was nothing compared to when I saw all those old photographs. The oldest one, in the comp room of the War Office in 1959, was a year before I started there, but I recognised nearly everyone in it. Then I found the one of Philip Marriage holding a drawing on the balcony outside the canteen at Pocock Street. Although taken not that long after the 1959 pic, it is a completely different era. I love it, it is so evocative of the time, a typical ’60s black-and-white shot. Then I saw who took it, E. Upcraft, and suddenly remembered Ted Upcraft, someone who I had completely forgotten.

I married in 1967 and shortly after moving into our first house in Wimbledon Park I ran into Fred Fenton who was living very close by. Then, stranger still, when we moved to Worcester Park, in Surrey, in 1976, I was driving down our road when a little old chap was scurrying down the road and I shouted to my wife “that’s Tommy Chambers’. I stopped the car and discovered that he was living nearby with his daughter. Over the years we saw him regularly picking up his grandchildren from school, when we were picking up our children. I also saw Henry Hall once, whilst shopping in Kingston.

I have really enjoyed this last few days reminiscing about the old days. Here’s a couple of more recent photos of me.

(Photos from TS)

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