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26 March 2008: John Elderton and Margery Kraszewski

John Writes:  I thought you might like to see these photos. The top one reminded me that when I was helping to organise the Supply Conference at the Hotel Norwich, one of the delegates came out in the morning to find his car had no wheels. We here in France normally suffer very little vandalism, but on this occasion we were having a new roof put on our main cottage, and could not park the car in the garage as usual so we parked our car in a neighbour’s drive. You can imagine our surprise when in the morning we came out to see what had been done to the car. Fortunately the Insurance Company are very good and prompt so everything was quickly repaired and no loss of no claims bonus. We are much more careful now. The bottom one shows us celebrating my 80th birthday in Australia earlier this year

Reg adds: I am concerned that the glasses seem to contain water. Or is it Australian vodka?

(Photos from JE)

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