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March 2009: Bike Week at The Cabbage Patch bar

Jack Keating writes:  The Cabbage Patch bar, which is just five miles south of my house, put on some bizarre events during Bike Week; as they do every Bike Week and Biketoberfest. My son John entered the “Best and Worst Tattoo for Men” and won first prize and a trophy for the worst tattoo! The Coleslaw Wrestling takes place in the middle of a field in which a raised pit has been made and lined with thick polythene. It is then filled with cooking oil, and cabbages are fed into a tractor of some description, which grinds them up and throws them into the pit. Another tractor then churns it all up. Two ladies climb into this mess and wrestle until a referee declares one of them the winner.

(Photo from JK)

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