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May 2009: Norwich Civic Awards to David Roberts and 
                  Annette Conn

David Roberts writes:  I want to thank the United Nations Association Executive for nominating me to receive a Civic Award for voluntary service in the community. Thanks too to Marguerite for taking pictures at the ceremony. "You’re not giving up yet, are you?" said the Lord Mayor, as he handed the framed certificate to me. The citation was the biggest surprise for me since I was head-hunted for the Christian Aid Commission, even before I came to Norwich with HMSO in 1968.

A life long supporter of Christian Aid, in 1972 I helped to found Norwich Education & Action for Development, and I was a Trustee for 21 years. I was the first agent for Traidcraft in Norfolk, selling fairly traded goods and recycled paper products. For such reasons, in 1974 I was co-opted to the United Nations Association; which I have served in one office or another ever since. It was humbling to hear the amazing achievements of nine other adult recipients of Civic Awards this year, two young people, and four voluntary organisations. One was for Annette Conn, a member of our Branch, who as a President of the Soroptimists brought a new dimension to their work in the community.

(Photo from MF)

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