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14 July 2009: Presentation to Pat Kennedy

Pat Kennedy writes:  I thought you might like to see this image, taken by Anna, of me with my trophy presented on Tuesday, 14 July, by the Rotary Clubs of St Albans for raising the most sponsorship money by a Senior individual in the 40-mile charity cycle ride on 17 May 2009. I raised 690 plus over 100 donated in Gift Aid (Tax rebated to the charity). It is the first trophy I have ever won in a long cycling career I have won two medals and several certificates, but never a trophy. One of the medals I won (for riding 234 miles from Keighley to Gretna Green and back in 1954) should have been a certificate because I finished outside the qualifying time for a medal. At the prize presentation, the organisers considered it was more economic to give me a medal than having to print one copy of a certificate!

Hello Pat, Well done  your years of perseverance have achieved their just reward. Good news is a rarity these days . . . All the best. Reg

(Photo from PK)

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