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8 February 2010: HMSO Mill Paper Pensioners Association Dinner

Brian Cockram writes:  I thought you may find the above snap from the annual Christmas meeting of the HMSO Mill Paper Pensioners Association publishable. This was taken 8 February 2010 at the The Lodge, South Walsham. I know I never worked in Mill Paper, and Christmas is months away, but we live in a world of our own. Also, in my defence, I did work for the paper merchants Cooper Kelland in the old Chiver jam factory based in Borough High Street in the mid 1960's. I was encouraged to leave the day I threatened to punch my supervisor's lights out. In those days, coming from South London, I believed in direct action.

Hello Brian, Merry Christmas to you and to Ms Blake, Messrs Mickleburgh, Dougall, Curtis and Durkin. You certainly look happy, which suggests that you had a good lunch. All that practice with Contractors in the 1970s, no doubt. The difference is that I see that there is a bill on the table in front of you, and one of you will have to pick it up. I do hope that you did not have occasion to revert to your rough South London ways and 'take Mickleburgh and Durkin outside to teach them some manners.' All the best, and keep your guard up. Reg

(Photo from BC)

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