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9 February 2010: Geoff Mickleburgh reaches 60

Brian Cockram writes:  I attach three snaps of Geoff''s 60th celebration at the Fox & Hounds Thurston, Suffolk. We had travelled by rail from Norwich via Royal William, Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds (an enforced stop caused by catching the wrong train from Stowmarket). After a pleasant lunch we caught the train to Ipswich to visit the Dove Street Inn and thence to Norwich. Geoff wore his "I am 60 badge" all day.
The cake was from the Tesco gluten-free range. A mixture of rice and potato starch plus the flour of a plant with a remote connection to rhubarb. I did the icing and Mrs B, using parts from a birthday card kit, created the message ‘Happy Birthday’ on top. Much to my surprise nobody died of food poisoning from the marzipan and icing. A good day was had by all.
Hello Brian, Looks like an excellent day  — presumably 9 February, when Geoff made it to pensionable estate. No wonder he's smiling. A small point: there are four of you in the photos  — Mickleburgh, Cockram, Curtis and Durkin  — but you mention 'Mrs B' and her creative cake decoration. Mrs Blake, perchance?

Reg, Sorry I should have typed Mrs C. There were only four of us on this occasion. Mrs C (her indoors) over saw and guided my first attempted at icing and sacrificed one of her birthday card kits. Mrs C has become quite a dab hand at hand-stitched greetings cards. There is an interesting shop on Timberhill called The Work Box where Mrs C goes for her bits and pieces. It is a little like Thorn’s the Ironmongers: a modest doorway open on to warren of displays on different levels. Not the sort of place a red blooded male below 60 would normal venture, and even then only when accompanied by a their wife (or a member of the WI if single). Brian

Thanks Brian, I know the Work Box  — from the outside only  — and Thorns for the occasional light bulb. Such varied lives . . . All the best. Reg

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