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Summer 2010: Garden party at Buckingham Palace

Hi Reg,  Just thought I would send you a couple of pics. I was fortunate enough to get an invite for one of the summer garden parties at Buckingham Palace, and here are a couple of pics of me with my husband before the police noticed that someone was taking pics with a mobile (cameras & mobiles were forbidden oops!). You might spot the police in the background! Kind regards, Debs (Mrs Deborah Green)

Hello Debs. What a fine young lady  and such a muscular husband! I was in the company of your father (Mike Taylor: golfer and HMSO printer, in that order) last Friday, at the celebration of Brian Puplett's 60th (he was golfer and Deputy Manager, OMTS, then Supplies salesman  n that order). He (your father) was in good form, but even so, you must have got your looks from your mother . . . All the best. Reg

(Photo from DG)

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