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14 December 2010: Whose Neck Is That?

Reg Walker writes:  Despite the fact that there was nobody from OMTS fit enough to attend, the thirtysomethingth meeting of FORMS (Friends of Reprographic Managers and Suppliers) took place at The Ship,  Borough Road, London SE1 on 14 December 2011.

The photographer was even sloppier than usual (that's the trouble with sobriety) but readers may wish to guess the names of the three ex HMSO people whose necks feature prominently in this collage. And whose son is the man doing the old trick of producing a lightbulb from the back of his neck?

While you are at it, who are the three ex HMSO people in the other picture? What are they doing? Why? And why are they doing it in what looks like a Siberian prison cell?

How I love this time of year.

(Photos from RW)

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