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1 September 2011: Stella & Dave Crump's Diamond Wedding

Hi Reg,I thought that the oldies might want to know that Stella and David Crump  celebrated sixty years of marriage on 1 September 2011. This momentous occasion was celebrated at Stoke Mill with close friends and family, and these photos show: Kathy Brandish (Youngest), David Crump, Stella Crump, Steven Crump (middlest) Wendy Curry (eldest).
I too am a HMSO 'oldie' and since leaving HMSO in 1996 I have worked for BT, Jarrold Printing, IFR and for the last five years at UEA I still drink a lot of beer! :o)

Cheers, Kathy (Kathryn) Brandish nee Crump and Hardwick!

Hello Kathy, Thank you for your note: impeccable timing! We have just added a brief note to HMSOldies regarding the Momentous Event, and you have provided a nice addition. Good to hear that you are still gainfully employed and drinking beer. I would hazard a guess that, as an employee of UEA, you may not be a stranger to my nearest pub, The Fat Cat? All the best, Reg

Indeed the Fat Cat is one of my haunts. Best Wishes, Kathy

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