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Picture Gallery 1980-2005

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     Dec 2005                       Richard Nelson’s retirement

     2005                                Our Friends in the North

     Dec 2005                      Second Tuesday in December Society (2)

     Dec 2005                       Second Tuesday in December Society (1) Alex McLeod

     Nov 2005                       Belfast old haunts

     29 Nov 2005                 Robin Kelly

     Oct 2005                         Placketts and Pooles in Spain

     Oct 2005                         Anglia Square’s Nelson's Column

     Oct 2005                         Commemoration of Nelson day

     September 2005         Dick Moore’s son in Ibiza

     August 2005                 Ivy Lee celebrates her 90th birthday

     c July 2005                   Barry Palmer  and Jan Dee in Canada

     June 2005                    Jill Ward at Buckingham Palace

     27 May 2005               The PP Farmhouse Friday Squad

     14 May 2005                Alan Pawsey with his prize

     14 May 2005                Jim Marshall and group in Boulogne (2) 

     14 May 2005                Jim Marshall and group in Boulogne (1)

     29 April 2005                 Edinburgh contingent’s ‘Last Supper’

     2005                                 Roy Plackett and friends on the High Seas

     5 March 2005                Eastern Daily Press  Article

     4 March 2005                 Derek James article in the Norwich Evening News

     Sept 2004                       3 Stooges re-unite after 45 years

     14 Sept 2004                 John Westwood

     14 September 2004     HMSO designers at The Type Museum, Stockwell

     2003                                 Glyn Cooksey’s retirement

     Jan 2003                         Editor Reg Walker on assignment

     7 Aug 2002                     New building replacing Atlantic House

     20 Nov 2001                HMSO designers at St Bride’s, London

     19 April 2001               Launch of FLTGD, Norwich 1

     19 April 2001               Launch of FLTGD, Norwich 2

     19 April 2001                 Front cover of From Layout to Graphic Design

     2000                                 Manchester Rep Reunion (2)

     2000                                 Manchester Rep Reunion (1)

     2000                                Oldham Advertiser

     6 October 1999            Building on the old Atlantic House site

     May 1997                      Terry Walls completes Land’s End to John O’Groats

     20 Dec 1996                Workers flock to quit jobs

     January 1996                Business Supplies Management

      July 1995                    Publications Managers Seminar, Sundridge Park

     Dec 1994                      Alison Thomas and her bumble bees

     28 October 1994         Fred Stubbs — retirement day

     c March 1993                Brian Ekers with PP retirees

     c1992                              A snap shot of SSP

     Nov 1992                        Children in Need ‘Paper Dolls’

     7 June 1991                  John Major visits St Crispins

     c1990                              HMSO Books Publicity Section

     1990                                 Pubns Christmas Party

     1990                                They Think It’s All Over Stowey

     2 August 1990               Sweeping up outside No.10

     2 August 1990               At the end of a memorable day at No. 10

     May 1990                       Supply Review, Norwich

     1989                               HMSO Recruitment folder

     1989                                 Peter McAuley, HMSO Belfast

     1989                                 HMSO Belfast team

      c1988                             HMSO Bookshop Managers' Training Course

     1988                                 Basildon Project Team meeting

     1988                                 Keith Batchelor at Lancaster House

     c Dec 1988                    Solna web machines at the Parliamentary Press

     30 Nov 1988                  Parliamentary Press Opening

     1987                                 Marian Fox at Bob Manders retirement

     Dec 1987                       Publicity Christmas Party

     c 1986                            Christmas has been Contracted Out

     c 1986                            CSSA Football Club

     April 1986                        Judy Pritchard & Roy Arscott

     1986                                HMSO’s Manchester Print Buying Unit

     1986                                Andy Hunter’s models of Composing Frames

     1986                                 Vi Wilson and the HMSO Belfast team

     1986                                 HMSO Bicentenary Float, Norwich

     30 April 1986                The Royal Progress  issue

     30 April 1986                 Terry Burchell photographing HM The Queen

      c1985                             All in a Day's Work

     c1985                               PS Professionals

     c 1985                              Internal Audit’s Christmas

     c.1985                              St Crispins, HMSO’s headquarters, Norwich

     1985                                ‘The Longest Day’ walk

     1985                                 Bob Barnard: Presentation to Tom Parslow

     May 1985                       HMSO Progress Number 5 takes us back to 1920

     1984-5                           The Only Way Is S6

     June 1984                      Dan Paul cartoon

     14 March 1984              Atlantic House on Holborn Viaduct

     14 March 1984              Staircase landing, Atlantic House, London

     14 March 1984              Corridor, Atlantic House, London

     14 March 1984              The Victoria pub on Charterhouse Street

     14 March 1984              Farringdon Road-Charterhouse Street corner

     February 1984              The first issue of Progress

     1983                                 Football Match

     1982-3                             The Sovereign Club in its heyday

     17 June 1982                 Bill Greenaway and Sid Brooks

     c 1981                              Harrow Press General Manager's Office Staff

     July 1981                        Staff Inspecting Hickling Broad

     March 1981                    Ian McCall takes his place in line

     17 September 1980    Government Printers at Hansard Press

     June 1980                       Ruari McLean


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