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Progress  Issue 1, February 1984


On target for the third time


So claimed the headline on the front page of the first edition of Progress,  issued in February 1984. Controller WJ Sharp said that he was ‘confident that we will again achieve our financial objectives due to the unremitting efforts of all concerned.’ The picture of a meeting of the Departmental Whitley Council showed, among others, WJ Sharp, K Allen, D Rutherford, DJ Balls, D Burgess, D Brusselen, K Brixey, PT Burgoyne, J Langlois, PEP Staples.


Other articles mentioned a new-style Publications conference held for 67 delegates at Hotel Norwich. Dave Martin got the credit for organisation (and he is still to be seen in the corridors of St Crispins. Will somebody tell him that being retired means you don’t have to bother any more?) and Mike Maggs presented a seminar paper on Crown Copyright. I last saw him, violin in hand, at Avenues Junior School, where incidentally Doug Chinnery (SSGS in times past) now teaches.


Frankfurt Bookfair got a mention, with a picture of Paul Simmonds looking in need of a cigarette, and mention of John Banks, HMSO Books sales manager. Supply Division featured Norma Groom (now living in South Africa) and Renate Bloomfield, both of whom were part of the marketing team building on the £150m annual turnover enjoyed in those days. The main feature in February was ‘Focus on Edinburgh’ with pictures of Director Dick Moore, George Anderson running the Heidelberg ZP102, Ken Macdonald with some of the Bookshop staff, Dave Currie with Supply and Warehouse people and Alison Ross talking to Jimmy Gillan over what was then the height of new technology (a Commodore terminal). Gil Smith, Works manager of the Press in Annandale Street, was interviewed, as were Jim MacCallum (Reprographics), Norrie Vietch (BT print ordering section) and Jim Cairns (GD).


Gordon Parfitt featured as GM of Hansard Press, then working to Ed McKendrick, Director of Production Division, and Les Long was pictured keying copy into the Ferranti system. Gordon Robbie was shown handling another piece of new technology, a sturdy floppy disc which made up part of the business data package for HMSO Books. Paul Haggerty and Dennis Greeno were studying the Views of Northern Ireland  calendar which seems to have involved DGD John Saville in a visit to a Belfast art gallery. And doubtless the Kitchen Bar for local flavour?
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