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SO Review  April 1969


Thirty-six years ago the magazine contained the following article (written, I believe, by Alan Crabtree, who can still be seen around the Plumstead Road);


‘A Thursday evening’s darts match was enjoyed by all when the SO team played a return match against the Messengers team, which also included Paperkeepers and  Warehousemen. There was good scoring throughout, the SO team winning the first two games, and the messengers the next three. At about nine o’clock the game stopped when sandwiches were handed round. From the photo you can see that everyone enjoyed themselves, including the band of gorgeous supporters. This enjoyable evening was played at The Rose  public house in Norwich, and all who are interested are welcome at future matches.’


The RoseSaint Augustine’s, was run by  Bert and Muriel, and was well used by HMSO before the opening of the Sovereign Club in Sovereign House. (I must get Dick Smith to recount the story of Bert performing ‘MacNamara’s Band’ with the aid of two forks, two Coke bottles and a Pub door).


Bob Alexander (who moved with his wife Gladys to become Office Keeper at Inland Revenue, Cumbernauld) and the late Sam Smithson were certainly two of the Messengers’ team. Among the ‘gorgeous supporters’ were Judy Bucktrout, Kath Truscott, Christine Leggatt, and Gill Bean (now Gill Johnson, and retiring from St Crispins in March 2005).
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