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Sovereign Club Visitors’ Book


by Reg Walker



At 1430 hours on a Sunday BBC Radio 7 repeats a programme, introduced by Richard Ingrams, entitled Beachcomber-By the Way.  Older readers may remember the 1969 television series, when Spike Milligan took the part of Beachcomber  (originally a newspaper column written by JB Morton). One of his sketches was the Register of Huntingdonshire Cabmen.  All he did was read from a large volume the names of said Cabmen — eg ‘Whackfast, EW; Fodge,S; Wurthers,PL.’ Quite unaccountably, it was often the funniest part of the programme (alright, these were the days of Clitheroe Kid  so we didn’t have much to laugh at).


This programme crossed my mind when Robin Kelly passed over the Sovereign Club Visitors’ Book (commencing 10 September 1973). If it was good enough for Milligan, it’s good enough for me. So here goes:


The first entry goes to JA Leeder, Gerald Smith (Insurance) Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. No doubt Dick Smith had the good sense to insure the stock — he knew his customers only too well. Next came RL Phillips, Canada Dry UK Ltd. (on the off-chance that someone might want a soft drink one day. I understand the single case was returned unused on the day the Club folded). ‘The Trade’ disposed of, we move into ‘Paying’ Customers (some names omitted due to either unintelligibility or my desperate boredom — there’s a limit to the time even I have to spend on all this):


J Mudge, Leng Crescent, Eaton

Rod Rawlings, WA Wilson, Les Rylands (CSD London)

M Murphy (Belfast)

JB Glen(?) (MOD(OS)London)

JC Ray, JA Hutton (DOCC)

CH ‘Frankie’ Day (Atlantic House Accommodation — up for a film show?)

J Lines, CT Welsh (EEB)

J Drew (Asst. Chaplain General, Prison Dept., London SW1.)

David Lawrence (Chaplain Free Church, Thorpe)

CR Hall (Chaplain, HMP Norwich). Were they all looking for escapees?

F Bennett (BRS)

Prestige Window Cleaning (signed in by M Pitt)

BV Dashfield

M Lee

WA Deller

D Roe

R Blundell (Old Costessey)

M Brooks

AM Halford

R Lloyd

MP Norris

W Jefford

Trudie Cherns

KE Walker

PM Currie

DE Bennett

M Smyth

M Symons

Jeffrey Sims (Netherwood Green)

J Block

Brian Cook

Ron Dann (HMSO London)

Barry Egelton (MOD)

Mervyn Goddard (Merve the Swerve)

Mike Batch, Dennis Carter (Smith and Pinching, Norwich)

Ian C Venables (RAFU Goose Bay, Canada)

Doreen Roberts, L Wilcox (HMSO Bristol)

K Staff, R Glenn and other illegible Accountants (HMSO Room 4E3)

D Juckes, M Brownbridge (Imperial Burroughs Machines)

G Bamford, Miss Ferrigno (IBM)

J Hall (Wiggins Teape)

Bill Harper (F&CO)

Geoff Thompson (Norwich City College)

Ron Atkins (Atlantic House)

W Wood (British Olivetti) who wins the prize for the most entries.

K Dahrendorf, D Challen, D Thomas (Olympia Business Machines)

Linda F Grubb (Spicers Ltd)

W Harper, J Tinman (F&CO)

MJ Bootman (Yelverton)

Jean Martin (Sovereign House Library)

Ron Rand (CSD London)

D Ribero (IBM)

Tim Lovick (Dept. Employment)

S Hancock (Dept. Energy)

Ken Diamond (PCA and HSC, London)

D Rock (TSA)

A Ratcliffe, C Allen (BDP)

Sam Ferguson

ES Greenhalgh

JR Green

Jack Mackay (GBC)

GRJ Back (C&E)

Fred Smith, J Lamb, C Bardwell, F Bailey (Kerridge)

Messrs Bill Lamb and J Henderson (JJ Maybank — signed in by Ron Sims)

G Precious, H Cutter (MAFF)

T Thompson, J Jackman (Rank Xerox)

A Knights, J Gordon (DHSS)

K Payne, M May (Wang)

Tom Newsam (Philips)

A Laing (HMSO London)

K Mortley

David Rae (HMSO Atlantic House)

Mr and Mrs V Holley (HMSO SSPP)

E Kitchener (IR Somerset House)

K Adamson (CSD, signed in by GG Robbie)

G Coombs, B Richards (?) (Multiplex, Orpington)

A Moore (NSB Glasgow)

Jack McRipper (Hmmm)

C Dawson (SCM)

J Cook, D Groves (AES Ltd, signed in by DA ‘Angus’ Griffiths)

Jim Stewart, Grant Scott

Illegible (Rotaprint)

Bernard Johnson (AM International)

CT Leafe (WPL)

G Newman (?) (Croydon Printing)

T Read (East Anglian Printers)

G Skipper (Lavells)

Ann Ashworth (Norfolk Central Printers)

R Lawrie (Impala Close, Norwich)

Dave Falconer (ODA East Kilbride)

CG Lloyd (Norwich)

PA Lloyd (Ace Mobile Discotheque)


There must have been a children’s party in 1982 (for which Peter Lloyd, Charlie’s son presumably provided the Disco) as the last entries include Susan and David Want, Edward and Louise Houston, Suzanne Payne, Jayne Galley, Zelda and Nicole Gooljar, Emma and Robert Gainsborough, Michael East, Paul Currie, Anthony and Claire Sinden, Sarah Jane Lambirth, Julie Perry, Laura Archer, Stephen and Jonathan Watts, Andrew Evans, Julie Budds, Suzanne Linstead and Granville Reed (who let him in?).


Alright, not quite up to Beachcomber’s standard, but I am sure that many of these names will jog what is left of the memories of many Sovereign Club members (photos).
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