9‎ ‎April‎ ‎2019 – From Bob Allder: HMSOldies London Annual Lunch 2019

Hi Reg, If you would be so kind as to post these details of our Annual Lunch, I would be most obliged.

This will be the first time that John Davies (ex Parliamentary Press) will not be there as his wife has organised a birthday treat for him. Some years ago, when our annual event was at Christmas, one year John turned up wearing a ushanka (Russian hat) with the USSR badge on it. I asked him where he got it from. He said that it belonged to his wife. Before she came to England, she was an officer in the KGB! Apparently she had served in the KGB as an interpreter. At one time, John as a civil servant would not have been allowed to marry her.

I have attached a copy of the flyer for the Annual Lunch also as a PDF.

With kind regards, Bob

Hello Bob, Good to hear from you – and I like the John Davies item. Just shows how the years roll on. In fact, I have just seen Dave Burchell at Steve Ward’s funeral in Norwich today. Must have been the best-attended I have ever been to: standing room only, with many outside. Best wishes, and good luck with the lunch: we look forward to your report. Reg.