11 April 2024 – From Dennis Greeno






Hi Reg, It occurred to me the other week that there may be some ‘oldies’ who don’t get to pass by their old work office, or may have moved away, so here are four photos of ‘St Crispin’s House’ student accommodation. The building was stripped back to its bones, concrete and steel, and a middle wing has been added as well as a couple of extra floors. I wonder whether the atrium has been kept?

Regards, Dennis


Hello Dennis, Good to hear from you, and to see your recent photos of St Crispins. They will certainly jog a few memory cells. The company has made a good job of the old place, and as you can imagine, it is still ‘St Crispins, Jim, but not as we know it’ to misquote Star Trek.

Best wishes, Reg.