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HMSOldies is a website for those who were employed by, or are interested in, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, including the organisation’s commercial manifestation following privatisation in 1996. Latest news, gossip and snippets in the Information Circulars; reminiscences and tall stories in Memories; the instant press on the nostalgia button that is the Picture Gallery; autobiographical details in the People section; a compilation of early Information Circulars from the start of the site in July 2004 in the Archive section. We also have a new Search service: look up your name and see how often you are mentioned (you know you want to). But first of all go to What’s New for the latest news.

Send us a note — confidentiality assured, if you wish, but there is usually someone out there who would like to hear that you are still around. We very much welcome contributions from all ex-employees of HMSO and its friends and suppliers. Indeed, HMSOldies needs contributions from as many people and places as possible to maintain reader interest. This is not a weblog, chatshop or whatever they call them: your email address will not be revealed to a living soul without your permission. Trust me: I am an ex-Civil Servant.

If you are not on our mailing list, send me your email address and we will send you occasional reminders of the latest articles etc.

Your contribution is eagerly awaited. Just use the contact form below.

Reg Walker, Editor HMSO 1963-1996

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