A Message from The Editor – Picture Gallery

In the early years, it wasn’t technically possible to include photographs with the Information Circular items so they appeared in the separate ‘Picture Gallery’, which is now being gradually resurrected.  

Picture Gallery Contents

In the early years of this website, it wasn’t technically possible to include photos with the IC items so they appeared in a separate ‘Picture Gallery’. This is gradually being restored and here is a list in date order, the most recent at the top. Around seventy entries have been restored and the balance will…

Feb 1966: SO Review

Who was this attractive young woman pictured on the cover of SO Review, February 1966? The photograph was taken by R Squires and was captioned ‘One Summer’. (From Reg Walker)

August 2005: Ivy Lee celebrates her 90th birthday

On the left, Ivy with a friend and her birthday cake, and right Ivy with her God-daughter Lesley, the daughter of the late Ena and Les South, who both worked for HMSO, and who will undoubtedly be remembered by many HMSOldies. (Photos from Judy Tassell)

1979: Supply Division Photographic Section, incorporating CRS

In the late 1970s, it was decided to amalgamate CRS into the Supply Division buying sections. This picture was taken in 1979 and features Tim Riley, Tim Cutbill, John Nash, David Rae (not Leo Sayer, I am assured), Ray Charman standing, and Olive Robertson, Isobel Williamson and Rita Stevenson seated. (Photo from Tim Riley)

c July 2005: Barry Palmer and Jan Dee in Canada

I thought that you might like this photo to go on the ‘HMSOldies’ site. As you see, Barry Palmer (left) and Jan (Lou) Dee have met up in Canada as they don’t live that far apart. (Photo from Michael Terry Harrington)

April 1977: Earnest studio discussions over ‘Soldiers on Everest’

Philip Marriage discussing ‘Soldiers on Everest’ with Ian Dobson and photographer John Powell in the Graphic Design Studio, April 1977. The book told the story of how the Army Mountaineering Association put two SAS soldiers, Corporal ‘Bronco’ Lane and Sergeant ‘Brummie’ Stokes on the summit of Mount Everest, climaxing the first successful attempt by a…