14 January 2024 – The following figures may jog a memory or two

Fifty years ago there were 3,258 Established Civil Servants employed by HMSO, including 229 EOs, 606 COs, 223 CAs, 694 Duplicator Operators, 114 Copy Typists, 233 Printing and Binding Officers, 55 Paperkeepers, 55 Messengers and 85 Assistant Warehouse Supervisors.

Currently – 2024 –  the role of Controller of His Majesty’s Stationery Office is undertaken by Jeff James, Chief Executive and Keeper of National Archives.

Reg Walker, Editor HMSOldies


John Straghan adds: 1974 was a defining year in my life.

  • April 1974 I joined HMSO Belfast as a Printing Officer.
  • June 1974 I was 25 years old.
  • October 1974 I got married.

So this year Reg all being well I will be celebrating my:

  • Golden Wedding Anniversary.
  • 75th birthday.
  • Being a bonafide HMSOldie

1974 was, for me, a very good year.

Best wishes, John

Hello John, Excellent to hear from you. It’s been a while. Happy memories of visiting HMSO Belfast – and The Kitchen Bar – The Garrick – and more. By the way, if I make it to March I will be 78 – I joined HMSO at 17. Where did it all go?

Best wishes, Reg