16 January 2024 – From Keith Batchelor



Hi Reg, Seeing the bound article reminded me that I have bound volumes of Public General Acts and Measures 1914 to 1992.  Very useful for my records management consultancy but having extracted everything I need from them they need a new home.

If you know anywhere that could use them as they were intended or as a good backdrop in bookshelves they are currently in Hertfordshire and looking for a new home, free of charge. The early ones covering the wars are very interesting. I note the 1914–16 edition cost 3/- (15P). The 1992 edition had 5 parts and cost £345. The complete set comprises 142 volumes taking up 21 linear feet.

It seems such a shame for them to end up in a recycling bin.

Kind regards, Keith.

Contact: [email protected] for further details


Hello Keith, Good to hear from you. My word, that’s a lot of Official Bookwork! I don’t personally know of anyone who could accommodate them but we can advertise them more widely here. Otherwise eBay might help.

Best wishes, Reg