4 September 2018 – From Gavin Turner

The final William Byrd Concert, in Norwich Cathedral, 28 July 2018

Partly I suspect because I had announced that it was to be my last ever concert, we got a big standing ovation at the end (unusual for a Cathedral concert), but it did actually go rather well, and with some good HMSO support. Tim Riley even came up from London with a mate for the day, and declared that he was probably the only audience member who had been at both my first WBC concert and the final one. The first was actually a lunch-hour concert in 1973 at St Andrew’s Holborn just across from Atlantic House, craftily planned to get some support from colleagues. As it happened, a BBC producer came along, which almost immediately led to a series of Radio 3 recordings. 

Anyway, it is all over now, and although I shall miss the buzz of the concerts and working with such excellent young professional singers, I have heaved a great sigh of relief at not having to cope ever again with all the hassle of planning, organising  and promoting the concerts, which has always taken months of work. Below are two photos of me applauding my excellent musicians at the end.

Best wishes to all, Gavin