20 Apr 2021 – From Norma Groom

Hi Reg, Watching the funeral of Prince Philip I remembered when I was deputising for Rhoda Warren, we had typed the daily clothing itinerary for the Duke when he was on tour. It had been proof read at the Palace and returned for correction and printed. I glanced through it and realised that on one day they had not given him any braces to hold his trousers up. I rang the Palace and his equerry thanked me and I inserted a pair of braces.

About a fortnight later I was summoned to Annie Habour’s room. Apparently, Phillip wrote to the Stationery Office expressing his thanks saying it would have been somewhat uncomfortable having his trousers held up by his suspenders! Such a human and amusing thing for him to do.

I trust you and family are well,  please pass my regards onto all old colleagues.

Kind regards, Norma


Now there’s a coincidence. I was in the company of Messrs Eason, Cole and Durkin this lunchtime and we fell to talking about ‘the rare oul’ times’ as we so often do. South Africa was mentioned – and naturally, someone asked if anyone had heard from you lately. And there you are, with an appropriate tale of the wonders of not only yourself but SO’s impeccable service to HM!

Thanks for the memory. All well here, considering, and hoping that the same applies to you and yours. Will pass on the good word.

All the very best, Reg