19 April 2021 – HMSO St Crispins and environs

Jim & Lynda Marshall, and Denis Greeno, have all forwarded this link to AnOther and ‘How an Abandoned 1970s Office Block Became a Tropical Dystopia‘ to which Alan Pawsey has added the following:

The planning permission has had some modifications since it was first granted but is still basically the same. It is far from being a simple conversion of the existing building as additional floors and a roof terrace (at floor 6) are to be added in order to house 686 students (an increase from the original 600) and provide them with facilities to survive. Some parts of the existing building will almost certainly, therefore, need to be demolished in order for all the works to be completed.

You can see from the elevation drawings at page 2 of the latest set of planning documents (October 2020) that the building will look very different to what it does now.

Some information about landscaping (including the atrium) can also be found at Weddle Landscape Design.