31 Dec 2019 – From Les Birch

Dear Reg, In normal circumstances I would not consider sending you this pic but do so in response to your plea for some news other than an obituary.

We spent the 3 days of Christmas at the Vale Resort, some 20 minutes or drive from Caerphilly. It boasts two championship golf courses, one of which I played many years ago, the headquarters and training grounds of the WRU, the FA of Wales and Cardiff City and a quite superb hotel, which laid on a memorable Christmas. We dined (and drank) really well.

Very sorry to hear of Bob Dwyer’s passing. I think that for some time we sat on the same side of the table during Staff Side meetings, he for the IPCS and myself for the Society. As time went by we found ourselves on opposite sides of the same table, he as Staff Side Chairman and myself probably as ADE1. He did much good work for the IPCS and always acted with a good sense of humour. I am sure he will be sorely missed.

Best wishes for the New Year to all Oldies.

Yours, Les

Dear Les, Just what the doctor ordered: some good news. You had me at ‘we dined (and drank) well.’ Excellent photo.

And thank you for your fond reminiscence of Bob Dwyer. It was a shock to hear about it in that way, as he lived on the outskirts of Norwich. Another of your former colleagues from the Edinburgh Office, Norrie Veitch also has fond memories. Takes me back to my early trips to Edinburgh, in the days of Dave Currie, when I would visit Albert Rose and Peter Messenger (OMTS) and others, including the Cafe Royal, Canny Man’s, Guildford Arms and most of Rose Street in the evenings!

Tom Watson retirement Edinburgh

By the way, this photo of Tom Watson’s retirement may bring back some more memories.

Thank you for cheering us up, and all the very best to you and your family for 2020 and beyond.