8 March 2024 – From Ian Dougall & Brian Cockram

150x150_Christmas Lunch


“Christmas” Lunch, 8th March 2024. A group of former HMSO Norwich bodies gathered at a suitably inexpensive hostelry on the edge of Norwich: The Racecourse. Apparently in the 1960s and early 1970s the hostelry under another name and management had a reputation for late drinking, etc. Now a favourite of pensioners it is obviously the place for us.


My word, you Supplies Paper Section lads must have a very full in-tray, getting down to your Christmas lunch a full 74 days after the event. You all look as though it went down well at The Racecourse Carvery – Messrs Sinden, Curtis, Mickleburgh, Cockram, Durkin, Dougall and Crabtree giving the impression of a full double-foolscap repast with A3 trimmings and a few bottles of Quarto to wash it down. We humble Office Machinery types are still waiting for that bloke from Gestetner to find his wallet to pay for the bread pudding off the trolley. Only 365 days until the next one. 

Best wishes, Reg.