Harold John Teedon




The sad news that Harry died in Norwich on 26 February 2024, was notified by Cecil Hughes on 7 March. The Eastern Daily Press Notice can be seen here.

Harry joined HMSO on 25 January 1954, working as CO in Accounts, and became Staff Side General Secretary as a result of his considerable involvement with HMSO’s Trades Unions. He moved from London to Norwich upon dispersal in 1968.


John Nash adds: So sorry to learn the sad news about Harry Teedon.  For some reason, we always hit it off and long into our retirements we continued to correspond, particularly at Christmas. He was always helpful at the time of Dispersal and always willing to encourage waverers (like me), and even used his own property as a show house when the coach parties came up from London.

Although long gone any chance of a plaque to commemorate the now demolished pedestrian tunnel from Sovereign House to St Crispins which he instigated?  At the time it provided a safe route though I believe eventually it caused other social problems.

Ah, memories of the (now filled-in) ‘Teedon’s Tunnel’ which was dug by the Council as a safe underground passage between the Sovereign House end of Anglia Square and St. Crispins. This photograph shows the late Jack Palmer, Deputy Director of Print Procurement, with his back to the action in the 1980s. Reg.

569a_Jack Palmer underpass

Pat Kennedy adds: I am grateful to you Reg for copying to me the details of the passing of Harry Teedon, our dear old colleague from our HMSO days. It is of some interest to note that I succeeded Harry in the post of General Secretary Staff Side (GSSS), in a post that Harry had served for several years spanning the hectic period of HMSO’s Dispersal from London in the 1980’s.

I found Harry to be very helpful with his time and experience that proved very helpful for me in settling-in to my new post. I note that Harry was three years older than me at the time of his passing! Please convey my sincere condolences to Harry’s family, if you plan to attend his Crematorium Service.