1 February 2019 – From John Nash

Hi Reg, Thanks for all the latest news. But I have been somewhat reluctant to open the ‘Oldies’ pages lately because of the increasing number of Obits. The end of 2018 was bad enough but the start of the New Year has left us contemplating our own mortality:

1. Arthur Holland – I was so sorry to learn this news back in December. I now recall that we did work together in Pubns and not Supply, and also in close contact when he was in Accommodation in Sovereign House. A really charming man, quiet, courteous and an excellent colleague.

2. Alec Smith – CRS had many dealings with Alec as part of our interface meetings with PP, and then again as EAC when he was the Director. Although a very senior officer he was so pleasant to deal with and commanded such friendly respect throughout the office.

3. Arthur Brunwin – Training Branch seemed to come into contact with most people in the Department and though I never worked with Arthur he was another easy going character and a pleasure to know him.

4. Ivor Annetts – This came as a shock since again I knew Ivor very well and worked closely with him on welfare matters for our Training courses. He had that excellent calm and patient manner – so ideal for his role – and much appreciated throughout the Department. He was I believe a fine trumpet player and constantly involved in numerous public performance with the Salvation Army. I think his son Mark worked in Supply in St Crispins but probably left after the various restructuring programmes.

(As a footnote, some 10 years ago during a day trip to Southampton Jean and I met Ivor and his wife by chance in the big West Quay shopping complex. I believe he had moved to Poole, and although we exchanged phone numbers etc. sadly did not meet up up again.)

Unconnected with all these Obits you will be pleased to learn that we did hear from Harry Teedon with a Christmas card. Thus he seems OK but like many of us getting old!

Apologies for the length of this mail. Well done to you and the ‘chums’ for keeping us in touch with news about the old firm.

Good wishes to you all for the New Year. John

Hello John, Good of you to respond at length: just what HMSOldies needs. Kind words from someone who knew the sadly departed never go amiss, especially where there is family who might see them. I went to Arthur Holland’s funeral, which was well attended. As you say, there are too many at the moment. On the other hand, along with Harry Teedon, both Len Ellis and Cecil Hughes made it to 90 in 2018.

One thing about living in Norwich is that we do see ex HMSO people on the streets, but we get fewer emails these days. As technology leaps on, people are more inclined towards the succinct, so we get some reactions on the HMSOldies Facebook page. Only another four weeks and it will be March – roll on Spring, and all the very best to you and your family. Reg.