23 March 2019 – From Brian Cockram

Hi Reg, Having said I would send you a photograph of the 2019 Mill Paper Lunch at the Oaklands Hotel I completely forgot; apologies. Nothing much to report apart from me managing to send my glass of cider crashing to the floor. The excellent bar lady quickly cleared up the mess and gave me a replacement drink. I was rather damp for a while but it was my fault. Linda distributed her annual charity puzzle with its usual 100 clues. She claimed it is easier this year. I have my doubts but Mrs C has made good progress. I have made only occasional contributions. Ian is still playing the organ for his local church, and Linda is still very active in the local “bowls” world.

Also at the Oaklands were Brian Lambirth and his wife Barbara enjoying the excellent carvery. They are both well and spoke warmly of the conveniences of the recently replaced septic tank at their home. Also eating at Oaklands was Simon Roy. He never worked at HMSO but I be surprised if you have not encounter Simon in your perambulations around Norwich. Simon is Norwich City Canary supporter, expert on Norwich & Norfolk bus timetables and a keen Rambler.


Hello Brian, Thank you for your excellent report. Good to have those famous names recited and to hear that they are all in fine form!

Best wishes, Reg.