28 Mar 2019 – From Roy Arscott

Hi Reg, Good to hear from you. I strongly suspect that the lack of traffic at the HMSOldies station has something to do with the fact all our contemporaries are busy dying around us. Being in my 84th year it can’t be ignored! However, I’m still going strong and fully intend to receive my telegram from the king in sixteen year’s time! After nineteen years in France life continues sweetly, the only nasty thing on the horizon being that stupid B word. Thanks to all those brainly idiots who voted to leave it’s not impossible we may have to go cap-in-hand to Little America (the expat’s term for what used to be Great Britain) when they stop paying for our health care, even though we have been paying into the system for decades.

OK – the rant of a happy old man who was selfish enough to retire to civilisation. With what I’ve written I suspect that political correctness will forbid you to print what I’ve said. Hey-Ho. However, I hope you yourself are still enjoying life.

Cordialament, Roy Arscott

Hello Roy, How good to hear from you, in robust form. Thank you for your kind words. All well here, especially as compared with some others. I have processed your thoughts through my hand-cranked Political Correctness Detector, which tells me that were it to be censored then it is I who would be brought to book for discriminating against legitimately-held opinion.

All the very best, Reg.