28 Mar 2019 – From Keith Batchelor

Not sure if it is appropriate for the website but to keep myself amused I am the Hon. Archivist of the HMS Cossack Association. There were five Cossacks from 1806 with the last being scrapped in 1960 after the Korean War. The most famous was the L03 (Pendant number) that was at the Second Battle of Narvik and famous for the Altmark Incident when she freed 299 merchant seamen from the German prison ship. I shall be in Portsmouth 12–14th April with the archives for the annual reunion at the Royal Maritime Club if anyone is in that area and wants to view or say hello. Carol will be with me to ensure I behave myself!

Regards, Keith

Keith Batchelor
Hon Archivist
HMS Cossack Association Archives
ARCHON Code 3421

Hello Keith, Thank you for your interesting note. No doubt you worked with several ex-members of ‘The Andrew’ when with HMSO, as did I. Not so many left now, of course, but we may have some readers out there.

Best wishes, and good luck with your event. Reg.