23 March 2022 – From John Nash

Hi Reg, That recent article about Atlantic House was both interesting and brought back many nostalgic memories.

When we moved in it seemed like a palace compared with all the awful buildings we had so far occupied – Cavendish Square, Bainbridge Street, even Cornwall House! Cavendish Square was so cold we always had to wear scarves and overcoats during winter months, and the typists wore mittens; but its position had some benefit – Selfridges and the West End. So too with Bainbridge St with Foyles and Theatreland close by. And Cornwall House with of course the Old Vic round the corner.

I noticed with interest the steps leading down from the Viaduct onto Farringdon Road. This was a convenient route to Harts for our lunchtime snacks, hopefully away from the eyes of the Management. But the risk was worth it – those pies, sausage rolls and other meat items were pure heaven.

Trust you and the team are all keeping well and free from the virus. I guess the Carrow Road gang are in despair – a familiar situation at this time of year.

All the best from the sunny Isle. John.


Hello John, Excellent to hear from you, and as ever I am transported back to days of John Doherty, Charlie Lloyd, Joe and Winnie Delaney, Stan Smith, Valerie Bailey, Chester Willmott and so many more. I seem to remember that you were a 1950 recruit (I was a latecomer to Cornwall House in 1963, then Atlantic in 1965). An even earlier starter was seen by John Betts at the Pipe Club of Norfolk meeting earlier this month: Len Ellis, a 1944 recruit. And we heard from Norma Groom, in South Africa, recently.

Lunchtimes around the offices in those days were varied and interesting.  Poor old Anglia Square in Norwich is devoid of offices these days, as you know, with the 1000 or so HMSO/CCTA jobs gone forever. Almost tempted to set up a Zoom Meeting based on ‘remember when?’ but I’m afraid that it would never get turned off. I can hear Dickie Dunn saying ‘. . . and another thing!’

All relatively well around here thank you, despite the inevitable fugitting of tempus, and long may it continue for you and yours on the Island of Dreams.

Best wishes, Reg.