3 June 2022 – From John Nash

Hi Reg, Although you implored us not to deluge you with responses the further photos of Atlantic House were really splendid. I hope it will be possible for your tech wizards to combine them into a portfolio for the archives.

I suppose the nostalgic amongst us still regard Atlantic House as a decent working environment after some of the ‘shockers’ we had been in previously. There were other bonuses too. As already mentioned the attraction of the book barrows, Harts and the fact that having crossed Holborn Circus we were now working in the City of London. And then there was dear old Gamages. My first recollection was the toy department and the visit to see their Father Christmas pre-war. Notwithstanding the other West End and Kensington stores Gamages was always highly rated. After the war of course there was the famed Tool and accessories Department – good job FWH was not in operation in those days!

All good wishes, John.


Hello John, Thank you for your response, and for seeing through my thinly-veiled attempt to bring out the shrinking violets among the ex HMSOers.  Not that your personal violets have ever been in anything but full bloom, of course! As you say, happy memories – the hairdresser in the basement of Gamages, with the passage of pedestrians over the glass light inlets above – deciding whether the aftershave being sold by the man with the suitcase at the corner of Leather Lane was worth the sixpence. Keep the reminiscences flowing.

Best wishes, Reg.