9 Oct 2018 – From Tony Gummett

Thanks Reg for your email and for keeping HMSOldies going, even if much of it these days contains sad news. 

I was interested to see your first appointment was to Cornwall House, as that was also my first experience of HMSO. I spent my first few weeks in a dismal office (on a non-job ) on the first floor in an I&T section. Fortunately I was moved up later to an office on 5th floor, as the sidekick to the Security & Secrecy Control Officer (a Higher Technical Officer) – just him and me. All a bit different from the Post Office from where I came. The Festival of Britain exhibition – across the road – was in full swing at the time.

Thanks again and all best wishes

Tony Gummett 

Hello Tony, Excellent to hear from you.  I was in ITW1c – EO Mrs Wilhelmina Robbie (was Mortleman); HEO Jameson, SEO Wilkinson, Director Pengelly. When I was there the fifth floor was the Laboratory. You certainly well beat me on ‘seniority’ as I also remember the Festival of Britain, but as a five year old child being taken there on the bus from Tooting by my parents! I occasionally walk past the office in Borough, from which you retired all those years ago – and where I had a room when I worked with OMTS and the London Warehouses. Happy days – although I didn’t necessarily realise that at the time! Very best wishes. Reg